Antibiotics can heal and save lives. But if they are used incorrectly, there is an increased risk that bacteria will become resistant to these drugs. They then lose their effectiveness and are no longer able to treat certain infections.
This phenomenon, known as AMR (Anti Microbial Resistance), can put the health of everyone in jeopardy, even that of our animals. So, together, let’s talk about antibiotics and their use.

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Why don’t I get antibiotics for my flu?
May I also have an antibiotics prescription for my husband?
Can I accelerate my child’s recovery with the help of antibiotics?
Are antibiotics still useful if some of them are becoming less effective?
May I be treated even if the infection is caused by resistant bacteria?
I had a rash during a course of antibiotics, may I never use antibiotics again?
Is it true that bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics?
I have been told not to take antibiotics too often, why?
What do I do with the antibiotics left in my medicine cabinet at home?
Is it serious if I don’t finish my treatment?
Can I use the antibiotics I have left from another time?
Is it true that traces of antibiotics can be found in rivers?
I have a wound or skin infection, is it a good idea to use an antibiotic ointment?
I have the same symptoms as last time, can you advance me a box of antibiotics?
I have been told not to take antibiotics too often, why?
How can we use less antibiotics?
Can antibiotics prevent me from getting sick?
My cat has a cold, can antibiotics help?
Is my budgie also affected by antibiotic resistance?
If my dog is treated with antibiotics, are there any additional hygiene measures that need to be taken?
Can I go straight to the pharmacy and get antibiotics for my cat?
My cat has the same symptoms as last year, may I use the remaining antibiotics?
My dog has diarrhoea, should I give him/her antibiotics?
Could antibiotics used in animals lead to resistance in bacteria infectious to humans?
I have a tick bite. Should I take a course of antibiotics now?
I have toothache and I think I have an abscess. Is it best to take antibiotics?
I've got a bit of a cough. Can I still visit my grandmother in the retirement home?
My foal has diarrhoea, should we give it antibiotics?
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