Let’s talk about antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance.

To collectively fight against the phenomenon of antimicrobial resistance, your role is essential, whether you are a doctor, pharmacist or vet, promoting the proper use of antibiotics, to answer the questions your patients have and to implement all infection prevention measures.

So talk about it with your patients and feel free to use our brochures and posters in your waiting room.

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The importance of proper antimicrobial use

If you are a doctor

Discover the Belgian information guide to anti-infective treatment in outpatient practices. It details all the correct uses of antibiotics.

To the guide BAPCOC 2021

If you are a vet

Discover AMCRA’s guide for the safe use of antibacterial products in animals:

To the Vademecum
To Belgian data on the use of antimicrobials and AMR in humans and animals

The importance of infection control

To limit the use of antibiotics and the transmission of resistance, prevention of infections is essential.


Importance of hygiene, especially hand hygiene

Antibiotic resistance does not mean that the body becomes resistant to antibiotics. It means that bacteria develop the ability to overcome antibiotics designed to eliminate them.
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The role of vaccination

Vaccinations are also important. They help to prevent infections, and thus the subsequent use of antibiotics.


Importance of correct use of disinfectants

The extensive use of biocidal products requires special attention to be paid to resistance phenomena. The application of these products, as with antibiotics, must be carried out in strict compliance with the conditions of use stated on the label: including contact time and dose.